Poems from World as You Left It by Helen Wickes

Listening to Seamus Heaney Read His Translation of Beowulf While at the Gym on the Elliptical Machine Quite Early on a Monday Morning ~ by Helen Wickes The badass dragon’s done for, collapsed, out of form, out of life, a grand deflation. The tatted homey next over, huge headphones, loud on his cell; I evil-eye…Read More

Poems from The Opposite of Clairvoyance by Gillian Wegener

Reflection So you have trouble shifting, have trouble, are troubled, you can’t quite manage how to make the leap, even if it is not a leap really, but just a step, or not even that, maybe a sitting up rather than a lying down. Yes, if you have trouble because you imagined her face so…Read More

Poems from In the Body of Our Lives by Jeanne Wagner

My mother was like the bees because she needed a lavish taste on her tongue, a daily tipple of amber and gold to waft her into the sky, a soluble heat trickling down her throat. Who could blame her for starting out each morning with a swig of something furious in her belly, for days…Read More

Poems from Falling World by Lynn Lyman Trombetta

View from the Headland: Hare Creek Beach, Mendocino Except for the gulls, which lift in languid curves from the sand and swing back down, they are the only ones on the beach, this teenage couple cutting their afternoon classes. She is ten feet ahead of him, her shoes already off, thrown down. Her long skirt…Read More

Poems from Any Old Wolf by Murray Silverstein

ANY OLD WOLF Puzzled by all that e-i, e-i, o business on Old McDonald’s Farm, I once thought vowels were feed, like hay or slop, and therefore the critters cried neigh or moo, oink or baaa: they needed to be fed. They came with consonants like teeth, but vowels came from the man. And when…Read More