Happy Publication Day

We are proud to announce our 2020 subscription titles: The Machinery of Sleep by Patrick Cahill, The Distant Sound by Eliot Schain, and Plagios/Plagiarisms by Ulalume González de León. The publication date for all three is April 2, 2020. Subscribers who order our April releases each year are given a special subscription rate, which includes shipping, handling, and tax. The 2020…Read More

Sixteen Rivers Press announces its newest member

Welcome to new press member Dane Cervine, whose manuscript was selected by the press as a finalist in the 2018/2019 submission cycle. Dane Cervine’s recent books include Earth Is a Fickle Dancer (Main Street Rag), and The Gateless Gate – Polishing the Moon Sword, from Saddle Road Press in Hawaii, a cross-genre work of Zen…Read More